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Fantastic Facials

Don't forget to ask us about our GIFT CERTIFICATES!
We offer full spa package gift certificates or you can request one for any denominational amount! (We can even email or text your gift certificate, or we can have it ready for pickup directly from The Spa!)
*All treatments & services subject to 13% sales tax
*24 hour cancellation notice required (a 50% fee will be charged on appointments missed with no notice)


Signature European Spa Facial

Treat your skin's specific needs and revitalize your complexion with our Signature Spa Facial. Customized to treat common skin conditions, our Advanced European Facial uses Diego Dalla Palma Professional RVB SKIN LAB products with the revolutionary 51+3 HYALUCOMPLEX™. The result is noticeably restored and revitalized skin.

$145.00 (75 min)

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The Radio Frequency Facial

Sculpts, tones and rejuvenates skin's appearance. A non–invasive, non-surgical lifting facial, RF (Radio Frequency) works deep within the layers of the epidermis and stimulates natural skin renewal. Recommended 6 to 12 treatments for optimal results. 


$225.00 (90 min) 

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The Gentleman's Facial 

Purify, refresh and moisturize dry, mature skin! This facial is specifically designed

to meet the needs of male skin. Purifying and oxygenating for oily skin types, and anti-wrinkle and ultra-hydrating for men that have more dry/mature skin. Includes a deep cleansing steam with extractions and anti-stress massage of the face, neck, shoulder and scalp.

$145.00 (75 min)


The Skin Code & Light Therapy  Facial 

Indulge in our Skin Code Facial, a personalized skincare experience that combines advanced techniques with light therapy. Tailored to your skin's unique needs, this revolutionary treatment employs Diego Dalla Palma products enriched with Royalactin-EPI peptide, Dragons Blood, and stabilized vitamin C. Grounded in epigenetics, it addresses individual facial areas, stimulating skin repair for immediate, extraordinary results. This innovative facial not only revitalizes but also balances your skin, leaving it nourished and radiant.

$135.00 (75 min)

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Glow & Go Microdermabrasion 

This non-invasive micro-peeling procedure gently removes epidermal cells to treat skin imperfections such as acne, scarring, blemishes, sun damage, enlarged pores, altered pigmentation, blackheads, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. This is a gentle abrasion skin therapy treatment that reveals healthier younger and newer skin for skin regeneration.


$135.00 (60 min) 

Purchase 4, 60 min treatments for $399.00


The Reiki Jade Chakra Holistic Facial 

Balance the Mind, Body & Spirit. The goal of this facial is to align the body’s natural energies using Healing Crystals, Hot Stones & Reiki and allow inner beauty to shine outward. In the realm of Crystal Healing, Jade crystals are associated with balancing the "Qi" or what is known as the body’s "energetic life force."

Jade Crystal Therapy increases blood circulation, assists in lymphatic drainage, and lessens the appearance of fine lines.

This Treatment includes neck, shoulder, hand, foot &

ear massage with Reiki Chakra Balancing.

 $175.00 (90 min)

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The Pro Lifting Facial

The ultimate skin-tightening facial for those on the quest for advanced facial lifting and tightening. Harnessing the power of micro-currents and the latest cosmeceuticals (including Collagen Lift Peptides) that lift the skin from within. The aim of this treatment is to combat loss of firmness, tone and definition in the contours of the face. The skin is immediately firmer, smoother and tighter. The contours of the face will look more defined and sculpted.

$175.00 (90 mins)


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The Acne Pro Facial 

Discover the Acne Pro Light Facial, a rejuvenating 75-minute skincare experience. Experience the transformative effects of blue light therapy. Blue light serves as your ultimate ally against acne, effectively eliminating acne-causing bacteria, aiding in psoriasis management, and reducing sun damage.

Acne Pro Light Facial Highlights include A potent peel to reduce pore-clogging sebum, steam disinfection for gentle skin purification and high-frequency treatment for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Achieve skin harmony with the ability to control breakouts, reduce sebum production and maintain optimal moisture balance. Say goodbye to acne struggles and embrace radiant skin!

$145.00 (75 min)

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Eye Lifting Facial Treatment

Using the power of RF (Radio Frequency) and microcurrents, this targeted treatment is directly geared for the areas surrounding the eyes. We use a highly concentrated undereye-correcting serum as we stimulate collagen from below the surface of the skin for a brighter, tighter, more youthful appearance. It all begins with the eyes and we have just the treatment to help battle those fine lines, wrinkles, bags and creases! 

$75.00 (30 min)

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